How Hair Removal Cream Really Works (In-Depth)

how hair removal cream works

We’ve all used creams before, whether it be to soften our skin, protect us from the sun or to keep bugs away.

And if you’re like most people…

…you’re totally fine with using those products. But now your concern kicks in when you’re using a cream that removes hair, and it’s great you have this concern.

As with any skin care product, it is important to know how the product works before actually applying it.

Hair removal creams are different because…

…unlike other skin care products, hair removal creams are actually subtracting/taking away from whats there, whereas other creams are simply masking.

Your concern is justified and this article will breakdown exactly how hair removal creams work to make your hair fall right off.

how hair removal creams work

Common hair removal creams work by containing chemicals that break apart the bonds that hold the proteins found in your hair together.

Once these proteins are broken apart the hair no longer is strong enough to cling onto your skin and so it falls off.


Hair removal creams became known for the strong scent, this is because companies make the product with the chemicals but no softeners of any kind.

Now a days the chemicals in hair removal products are mixed with pleasant scents that combat the strong odor of the chemicals.

Fun Fact

Hair removal creams are also known as “depilatories”

and depilatories now don”t just come in creams. You can find them in sprays and gels too.

The thought of using products laced with chemicals you can’t even pronounce to break down your hair sounds a little frightening doesn’t it?

Well not to worry because it just so happens that the #1 hair removal cream on the market

is 100% natural and chemical free!

That’s right.

Revitol is a 100% natural hair removal cream that smells great, works faster than any other product, can be used anywhere on the body and most importantly…


…safe for your skin.

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revitol hair removal cream review

You can see my review on Revitol here.

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